Match2Pay - Match2Pay integrated with Onramper

Match2Pay integrated with Onramper

Match2Pay, the best Crypto Solution for Payments, integrated with Onramper, an onramp aggregator which increases success rate. As a result, our users can now buy cryptocurrencies with the choice of 120+ payment methods.

From fiat to crypto instantly

Onramper is a solution designed to grow the crypto ecosystem. This onramp aggregator allows instant purchases of cryptocurrencies. Users can choose from more than 120 payment methods in over 190 countries. One integration lets its clients to accept transfers from fiat to crypto instantly. Low fees for users maximise crypto. Widget and API are easy to integrate and allow to go live instantly. Onramper includes 17 onramps consisting of 182 local payment methods. The solution is a plug-and-play solution. As a result, the tool is easy and fast to integrate, and use.

Onramper for Match2Pay clients

Match2Pay integrated with Onramper for convenience of our clients. Dedicated to improving the solution we provide, we aim to serve our users best. Integration with Onramper makes it easier to buy cryptocurrencies. Our clients can choose from multiple payment options to purchase crypto. Many payment gateways within Onramper make it fast and easy to make a buy. Seamless integration of the two tools provides that the purchase appears instantly on the user’s account. Thanks to these advantages, Match2Pay offers more efficiency and speed in buying crypto in order to make deposits.

Michał Karczewski, Chief Executive Officer at Match-Trade Technologies, says:
“We created Match2Pay with the goal to help our clients grow their business. Also, to eliminate any technological limits that could shadow over their business opportunities. The idea was to provide every Broker and their client with easy and accessible settlement options in terms of crypto payments. We are happy to give our clients more options once again. Match2Pay integrated with Onramper to allow our clients to accept deposits in an automatic way. It is also convenient for their clients, as they will have the wide choice of options on how to buy cryptocurrencies required for further investments. We are aware that crypto payments are transforming the online industry, which is why we will tirelessly grow our offer.”

See the Match2Pay Offer and enjoy multiple options for payments.

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