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We offer the perfect solution for swift transactions between business partners. Stable and competitive exchange services between classical (fiat) currencies and crypto currencies.

Who we are

Match2Pay UAB, registered in Lithuania (EU), is a reputable virtual currency exchange operator and depository virtual currency wallet operator, within the framework of established regulations to provide a secure and trusted environment for crypto transactions.

The services offered by Match2Pay UAB were built based on the technological solutions delivered by the strategic partner – Match-Trade Technologies, which has been developing the crypto payment gateway since 2018. With its expertise in the fintech industry, Match2Pay UAB has grown to being a leading crypto payment processor tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of businesses in this sector. Thanks to our partnerships with many financial institutions we can also offer you a crypto business wallet where you can freely exchange your fiat currency to crypto, and send out payments to the third-parties enterprises in crypto.

Streamlined payment flow & transaction process

Match2Pay crypto payment gateway streamlines clients’ fund flow, ensuring hassle-free deposit options for investors & clients worldwide.

Client initiates crypto deposits request in Merchant’s client area
Match2Pay generates client’s individual address to deposit crypto
The client receives fiat or crypto funds
on an individual account

Unique offer tailored to your business needs

No minimum monthly fee

Match2Pay lets you save on costs by eliminating mandatory monthly charges

Flexible conditions

We tailor our services to align precisely with the unique requirements of each client

No processing fee on payouts

Our clients can smoothly transfer funds to their users without incurring additional costs

We make sure your business is safe

Match2Pay crypto payment gateway streamlines clients’ fund flow, ensuring hassle-free deposit options for investors & clients worldwide.

Data breach protection

Externally audited API processes all
transactions to secure from a data
breach. In addition, the processor can
be integrated with any 3rd party
solution through Rest API.

2-factor authentication

  Access to the Match2Pay is granted to
white-listed IPs only; there is
embedded 2FA for withdrawals.
Withdrawals above a certain level
require additional confirmation.

Separated cold wallet

For security reasons, clients’ funds in
cryptocurrencies are stored in cold
wallets separated from the public
internet network. Our cold storage
solution is available for all clients.

Preventing chargebacks

There is also no risk of
chargebacks, which are sometimes
abused by unfair customers in
certain industries, like
Forex or Gambling. 

Transaction monitoring

 Integrated KYT solution allows to
detect suspicious activities with ease
and provide the blockchain analysis,
crypto checks of all transactions and
monitor the source of funds.

24/7 technical support

Technical support is available 24/7 via
multiple messengers (no ticketing
system) and every merchant gets an
individual account manager to help
them with all questions they may have.

Match2Pay ecosystem

Supported crypto & stablecoins

Match2Pay supports payments in the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, MATIC, LTC, DOGE, and many other tokens available on ERC20, TRC20, BEP20 and Polygon networks to provide various payment options.


Advantages for your business

Our crypto payment gateway supports multiple cryptocurrencies to give your clients a wide array of choice.

Embedded full-flow crypto exchangers

If your clients do not own cryptocurrencies, they can buy them in one payment flow via credit card or wire transfer.

Automated payments process

Match2Pay allows collecting and exchanging crypto in a fully automated way and depositing it straight to the client’s account.

Option for settlements in USDT & FIAT

Crypto deposits can be converted to other currencies such as USD or stable coins before booking them in Clients’ account.

Third-party integrations

Our processor is already integrated with the most popular solutions in the industry, but we can also provide Rest API to integrate the client’s own software.

Intuitive Interface

Designed to be easy to use, completing payments takes a few moments even for a new users. We also provide short training in using the solution for client’s employees.

Detailed Reporting Tools

Our advanced reporting tool, with ready-made web-based reports and charts, allows you to monitor all of your clients’ payments, and to keep track of your business KPIs. 

EU-based crypto custodian

Match2Pay operates within the framework of established regulatory requirements and full compliance with legal regulations, supported by an EU-registered company.

Fast onboarding

With a streamlined approach, we provide our clients with fast &  hassle-free onboarding process, allowing businesses to get started within just a few days.

Match2Pay News

Innovate your payment processes

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I use a wallet to collect crypto transfers from my clients already. What added value can your solution offer?

Our Crypto Payment Gateway generates individual addresses for your clients which allows you to identify who sent the funds and how much immediately. Using one wallet in case of an open ledger is a risk, because all transactions are visible to everybody, so anyone could fake being a sender of the funds using the data in the open ledger.

I want to allow my clients to have a new funding method, but I do not want to take a risk of cryptocurrencies volatility, do you offer such protection to the merchant?

Yes, when using our Match2Pay Standard solution, you can set up everything in a way that we will convert all volatile crypto currencies for you to the balances in USD, EUR or any other major currency. This will not only help you to avoid volatility risk, but our processor will also provide your CRM with the exact exchange rate to book on the client’s account. What is also unique about our solution is that we convert stable coins with USD 1:1, which makes it even simpler to use by the merchants focused predominantly on USD deposits used worldwide.

Can I settle what I collected from my clients in fiat currencies to my bank account?

Depending on the industry and jurisdiction of the client, we can offer settling in fiat currencies. The list of currencies may vary, so please contact us to check which are available for you. For the clients to whom we can’t offer settlements in fiat currencies, we can offer settlements in stable coins 24/7 and free of charge.

I already process very large volumes with a lot of transactions, but I am not always happy with the stability and support offered by my current provider. What can you offer better than others?

Match2Pay software was developed by Match-Trade Technologies, a software company catering to the Forex/CFD brokers for more than ten years. Our software and support are focused on the demanding customers, who value high quality, reliability and speed of service. We are also a part of the ecosystem with many cashiers and CRMs having our crypto gateway integrated already, which should make switching to us relatively easy. We also support integrations via chat, not tickets. And last but not least, thanks to our scale and optimised costs, we can offer competitive pricing to the merchants with existing and proven flow.

My company is new to crypto processing and I am not sure how large the interest in this payment method is among my customer base. Is your solution also meant for the merchants like me?

We have different sizes of customers and we try to help them all, depending on their needs and scale. We do not charge a minimum monthly fee, so even smaller merchants can use our solution freely using a principle of “pay as you use”. Thanks to many years of experience in the crypto industry, we can also suggest the best crypto currencies to use depending on the type of the industry or the geolocation of the end users.

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