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Benefit from Match2Pay’s seamless integrations with the leading Forex CRMs and PSPs

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Our crypto payment gateway supports multiple cryptocurrencies to give your clients a wide array of choice. Our comprehensive solution ensures you stay ahead in the competitive market by offering secure transactions, real-time insights, and unmatched convenience, all in one place.

Explore the advantages that Match2Pay’s cryptocurrency payment processor can bring to your brokerage business.

Strategic partnership with Match-Trade Technologies

Through our close collaboration with Match-Trade Technologies, a leading technology provider for Forex and CFD Brokers, we are able to provide enhanced conditions and plenty of ready-made integrations for companies operating in the online trading industry.
If your business is active in this sector, we offer a wide range of ready integrations, including Match-Trader’s Client Office for MT4/MT5 and the Match-Trader trading platform.


Match2Pay is an independent gateway for processing crypto payments with its own GUI for managing all transactions, which, thanks to the availability of an API, can be easily integrated into a Broker’s existing configuration. Our crypto processor already has integrations with the essential CRMs and PSPs in the Forex market, so for most Brokers, connecting crypto payments doesn’t require additional work.
Moreover, the Match2Pay crypto payment gateway is also part of the ecosystem of the Match-Trader trading platform, developed by the same technology provider for CFD Brokers, Match-Trade Technologies. This seamless integration allows Brokers to benefit from instant deposits, among other things.

Even more advantages for brokers

Start accepting crypto payments from your clients worldwide using a reliable partner with over a decade of expertise in the Forex industry.

24/7 technical support

Brokers have 24/7 technical support through various messengers, with no ticketing system. Additionally, every broker is assigned a dedicated account manager and gets personalized assistance for all their needs.

Personal approach

We build strong relationships with our clients to ensure tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements and provide support throughout their journey with Match2Pay. This allows them to focus on growing their brokerage business and attract traders.

Fast & hassle-free onboarding

Start accepting crypto payments from your clients worldwide within a matter of days, with a client-friendly payment flow. Our team assists you at every step, ensuring a smooth integration process that empowers your business to tap into the global market.

Innovate your payment processes

Download our brochure to discover how our secure and innovative payment gateway can empower your business.

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I use a wallet to collect crypto transfers from my clients already. What added value can your solution offer?

Our Crypto Payment Gateway generates individual addresses for your clients which allows you to identify who sent the funds and how much immediately. Using one wallet in case of an open ledger is a risk, because all transactions are visible to everybody, so anyone could fake being a sender of the funds using the data in the open ledger.

I want to allow my clients to have a new funding method, but I do not want to take a risk of cryptocurrencies volatility, do you offer such protection to the merchant?

Yes, when using our Match2Pay Standard solution, you can set up everything in a way that we will convert all volatile crypto currencies for you to the balances in USD, EUR or any other major currency. This will not only help you to avoid volatility risk, but our processor will also provide your CRM with the exact exchange rate to book on the client’s account. What is also unique about our solution is that we convert stable coins with USD 1:1, which makes it even simpler to use by the merchants focused predominantly on USD deposits used worldwide.

Can I settle what I collected from my clients in fiat currencies to my bank account?

Depending on the industry and jurisdiction of the client, we can offer settling in fiat currencies. The list of currencies may vary, so please contact us to check which are available for you. For the clients to whom we can’t offer settlements in fiat currencies, we can offer settlements in stable coins 24/7 and free of charge.

I already process very large volumes with a lot of transactions, but I am not always happy with the stability and support offered by my current provider. What can you offer better than others?

Match2Pay software was developed by Match-Trade Technologies, a software company catering to the Forex/CFD brokers for more than ten years. Our software and support are focused on the demanding customers, who value high quality, reliability and speed of service. We are also a part of the ecosystem with many cashiers and CRMs having our crypto gateway integrated already, which should make switching to us relatively easy. We also support integrations via chat, not tickets. And last but not least, thanks to our scale and optimised costs, we can offer competitive pricing to the merchants with existing and proven flow.

My company is new to crypto processing and I am not sure how large the interest in this payment method is among my customer base. Is your solution also meant for the merchants like me?

We have different sizes of customers and we try to help them all, depending on their needs and scale. We do not charge a minimum monthly fee, so even smaller merchants can use our solution freely using a principle of “pay as you use”. Thanks to many years of experience in the crypto industry, we can also suggest the best crypto currencies to use depending on the type of the industry or the geolocation of the end users.

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