About Match2Pay - crypto payment solution

About Match2Pay UAB

Match2Pay UAB is registered in Lithuania (EU), as a virtual currency exchange operator and depository virtual currency wallet operator.

Match-Trade Technologies headquartered in Irvine, California is our software vendor responsible for creating our fast and secure crypto payment solution.

Years of experience in creating reliable and secure software for demanding regulated financial institutions ensures high quality of our solution.

Worried about crypto volatility?

If you would like to accept deposits in crypto but you’re afraid of the risk associated with its volatility, we can take over the risk for a small
additional fee.

Close collaboration with Match-Trade Technologies allows us to offer even better conditions for the companies active in the online trading industry

If your company is active in this industry,
we can offer plenty of ready integrations like
Match-Trader’s Client Office for MT4/MT5 and Match-Trader trading platform.

There are also special price offers on Match2Pay for companies buying a combination of a few components from Match-Trade Technologies.