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About Match2Pay UAB

Enabling businesses with innovative payments

Match2Pay UAB is registered in Lithuania (EU), as a virtual currency exchange operator and depository virtual currency wallet operator. The technology was developed by Match-Trade Technologies in 2018 when the consumer demand for crypto payments started growing. Since then, it has undergone continuous development and expansion.

Match2Pay prioritises security and regulatory compliance, offering businesses peace of mind when processing crypto payments. The Match2Pay UAB regulatory oversight ensures adherence to stringent standards and provides an added layer of trust and credibility for business.

People of Match2Pay

Years of experience in creating reliable and secure software for demanding regulated financial institutions ensure the high quality of our solutions.

Business Development Management

Jacek Czarniawski

Chief Product Officer

Adrian Szramowski

Head of Match2Pay Development

Sales Team

Przemysław Wojtyna

Head of Sales

Piotr Szczygieł

Deputy Head of Sales

Alexander Degtyarev

Senior Institutional Sales

Adrian Ornawka

Senior Institutional Sales

Mohammad Ansari

Senior Institutional Sales

Rafał Walencik

Senior Institutional Sales

Patryk Felcman

Senior Institutional Sales

Luis Alberto Vazquez Cintra

Senior Institutional Sales

Why choose Match2Pay?

Security and Transparency

We have been developing our solution since 2018 and we have the support of a strong software provider active in the Forex and CFD industry for more than 10 years

Speed and Efficiency

Our crypto payment gateway is not only stable technologically but it is also complemented by a support team that understands the needs of the merchants operating 24/7 on the global scale.

Competitive Fees & Cost Optimization

We offer low entry barriers to the smaller merchants, while larger ones can receive rates allowing them to save on the crypto payments when switching to our solution.

We partner with industry leaders offering state-of-the-art KYC, KYT, KYB and blockchain analytics tools to offer a solution compliant with EU regulations and many other jurisdictions.

Strategic Partnership with Match-Trade Technologies

Together with Match-Trade, we deliver cutting-edge crypto payment processing technology and an enhanced trading software for Brokers of all sizes around the world.

Reliable forex technology

Leveraging our partnership with industry-leading technology provider Match-Trade Technologies, we offer enhanced conditions and seamless ready-made integrations for Brokers, allowing them to quickly and effortlessly start accepting crypto payments.

10 years of experience

Match2Pay ensures Brokers benefit from a reliable solution built on years of experience in the Forex market. This enables Match2Pay to address the unique needs and challenges faced by Brokers, ensuring a tailored solution that enhances payment processes.

Unified Integrated Ecosystem

We have a special offer for companies buying combinations of solutions from Match2Pay UAB and Match-Trade Technologies. We enable Brokers to focus on their core business and enhance the overall payment experience for their clients, by saving their time on the onboarding process.

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