Match2Pay - Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway technology

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway technology

Created with the digital and global economy in mind, Match2Pay suits the needs of many industries, including E-commerce, online trading, Gaming, Gambling, VPN, hosting, SaaS and many more.

How Match2Pay payment gateway
simplifies your crypto flow


Client makes a deposit to the individual address

Address generated by Match2Pay

Match2Pay Identifies client and converts crypto to fiat

Client receives fiat funds on individual account

Merchant’s balance in EUR, USD or other fiat currency

Merchant can settle these balance to their bank account or a crypto wallet


Client request crypto withdrawal to their crypto wallet

Match2Pay checks if Merchant has sufficient balance

If Merchant has sufficient balance, requested amount is converted to crypto and send to client’s wallet address

Merchant’s balance in EUR, USD or other fiat currency

Merchant can settle these balance to their bank account or a crypto wallet

Enables better financial oversight of your business

Discover the benefits that Match2Pay crypto payment processor can bring to your business.

Analytics module

Our built in analytics module shows statistics with deposits / withdrawals volume their clients made in chosen currency and the number of transactions per different crypto network. There is also a option to export the full transaction report with statistics to cvs file.

Transaction Details

Match2Pay users can check the status of each transaction that either reach or left the wallet. Here you can check the status of the chosen transaction, time, wallet address, final currency, amount and many more.

You can use the “type”column filter,  if you want to see only deposits or only withdrawals transactions.

Payment requests

The request tab shows you all actual requests to deposits or withdrawals from a particular account. There are many columns where you can filter the information by payment id, request action, status, payment gateway and more.

You can also check the wallet destination for a given transaction.

Transaction information

After choosing a particular payment request, click on the show transaction info button. Here, you will se all the transactions included in the request for this particular address.

You will also see the errors, status, amount and the processing fee.

Generate address

This button allows Match2Pay users to generate a new cryptocurrency wallet to  deposit funds to. You can choose the payment gateway, amount, currency and give a description to a new wallet.

Balance & Withdrawal

In the Balance tab, merchants using Match2Pay for crypto transactions can easily check the available balance for a specific currency from the drop-down list, convert funds, and request withdrawals.

To request a withdrawal, click on the “Request Withdrawal” button, specify the amount and account, then click “Withdraw”; Funds can only be withdrawn to the assigned hedge account.


The settlements tab is where you, as the Merchant, can process your withdrawals as a company. 

This is done after logging into the account with the provided username & password and clicking the Withdraw button.

Payment Page

To make the payment process smooth for your customers, in the addition to the generated wallet address, you can send a link to the specially developed payment page with easy instructions to your customer.

There your customer can check the payment status and check the wallet in the blockchain.

Onchain Fee Tab

Clients using Match2Pay can review the current onchain fees applied while processing their users’ withdrawals. This feature increases the merchant’s awareness of the fees applicable to them when using Match2Pay.

This enables businesses to optimize their ongoing costs and calculate fees associated with processing client withdrawals more accurately.

System status Page

Our status page provides real-time insights into system stability, allowing all customers to monitor their transaction activities, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience as they track the service’s status.

It demonstrates the robust stability of our Match2Pay, boasting an impressive 99% uptime over the past 30 days across diverse networks.

How it works

Managing crypto transactions in Match2Pay

If you’d like to see how managing crypto payments in Match2Pay looks in practice, we invite you to watch a short video tutorial. Our expert presents the entire process, from deposit to withdrawal, so you can see a detailed path of funds flow, creation of customer accounts, setting statuses, and booking.

This video overview also showcases the capabilities of analyzing the flow in order to measure KPIs and gather information for creating business efficiency reports. If you need more information, please get in touch and one of our experts will prepare a live presentation for you.

Innovate your payment processes

Download our brochure to discover how our secure and innovative payment gateway can empower your business.

Product releases


I use a wallet to collect crypto transfers from my clients already. What added value can your solution offer?

Our Crypto Payment Gateway generates individual addresses for your clients which allows you to identify who sent the funds and how much immediately. Using one wallet in case of an open ledger is a risk, because all transactions are visible to everybody, so anyone could fake being a sender of the funds using the data in the open ledger.

I want to allow my clients to have a new funding method, but I do not want to take a risk of cryptocurrencies volatility, do you offer such protection to the merchant?

Yes, when using our Match2Pay Standard solution, you can set up everything in a way that we will convert all volatile crypto currencies for you to the balances in USD, EUR or any other major currency. This will not only help you to avoid volatility risk, but our processor will also provide your CRM with the exact exchange rate to book on the client’s account. What is also unique about our solution is that we convert stable coins with USD 1:1, which makes it even simpler to use by the merchants focused predominantly on USD deposits used worldwide.

Can I settle what I collected from my clients in fiat currencies to my bank account?

Depending on the industry and jurisdiction of the client, we can offer settling in fiat currencies. The list of currencies may vary, so please contact us to check which are available for you. For the clients to whom we can’t offer settlements in fiat currencies, we can offer settlements in stable coins 24/7 and free of charge.

I already process very large volumes with a lot of transactions, but I am not always happy with the stability and support offered by my current provider. What can you offer better than others?

Match2Pay software was developed by Match-Trade Technologies, a software company catering to the Forex/CFD brokers for more than ten years. Our software and support are focused on the demanding customers, who value high quality, reliability and speed of service. We are also a part of the ecosystem with many cashiers and CRMs having our crypto gateway integrated already, which should make switching to us relatively easy. We also support integrations via chat, not tickets. And last but not least, thanks to our scale and optimised costs, we can offer competitive pricing to the merchants with existing and proven flow.

My company is new to crypto processing and I am not sure how large the interest in this payment method is among my customer base. Is your solution also meant for the merchants like me?

We have different sizes of customers and we try to help them all, depending on their needs and scale. We do not charge a minimum monthly fee, so even smaller merchants can use our solution freely using a principle of “pay as you use”. Thanks to many years of experience in the crypto industry, we can also suggest the best crypto currencies to use depending on the type of the industry or the geolocation of the end users.

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