Match2Pay - Blockchain Scanner Links added to Match2Pay

Blockchain Scanner Links added to Match2Pay

Since August Match2Pay users of Match2Pay can take advantage of Blockchain Scanner Links. This will allow Brokers to gain overview of individual wallets with history of transactions.

A notable enhancement in the latest version of Match2Pay appeared this month. It includes the integration of direct links to blockchain scanners within the “Crypto transactions” and “Requests” tabs. This feature enables Brokers to easily track and analyse cryptocurrency transactions in real time. As a result, Brokers gain the ability to manage digital assets in a secure and transparent way.

Within the Crypto Transactions Tab, users can click on a specific record, which redirects them to the corresponding blockchain scanner. Here, they can explore details of the transaction, gaining a full understanding of its specifics. This direct access to transaction data provides Brokers with valuable insights, allowing them to make informed decisions promptly.

In the Requests Tab, the provided link directs users to a specific wallet address within the blockchain scanner interface. This feature offers a complete overview of the transaction history associated with that particular address. Also, it allows presenting a detailed snapshot of the wallet’s activity. Brokers can leverage this functionality to monitor transactions comprehensively, ensuring accuracy and security in every financial interaction.

The addition of direct links to Blockchain Scanners in the Match2Pay interface marks a significant move toward improving the efficiency, security, and transparency of cryptocurrency transactions for Brokers. These links empower Brokers to verify client transactions, minimising the risk of errors and enabling real-time monitoring of transaction statuses, especially those waiting for confirmation.

Blockchain Scanner Links added to Match2Pay not only streamline the transaction management process but also proves Match2Pay’s aim to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the cryptocurrency market. Consequence in improving our solution resulted in a solid industry recognition. During iFX EXPO in Dubai 2023 Match2Pay was granted with a title of the Best Crypto Solution for Payments, Ultimate Fintech AWARD.

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