Broctagon Axis CRM fully integrated with the Match2Pay payment procesor and Match-Trader platform

Broctagon Axis CRM fully integrated with the Match2Pay payment procesor and Match-Trader platform

Match-Trade Technologies, the creator of the award-winning trading platform for Forex Brokers, has fully integrated its system with the market-leading FX Brokerage CRM, AXIS, from Broctagon Fintech Group.

Currently, more than 150 FX brokers using Broctagon’s CRM system can easily utilise the integrated crypto payment processor Match2Pay, also developed by the platform creators (MTT).

The demand for crypto deposits for FX brokers has increased significantly in the past year alone, and we believe this trend will continue to gain further traction. That is why we see tremendous synergy with the integration of Match2Pay into Broctagon’s AXIS CRM’s Marketplace, under our PSP Hub. With a one-click installation, all our existing clients can now gain access to Match2Pay’s industry-leading crypto processing solution and instantly start accepting crypto deposits, everything handled seamlessly within the CRM. 

In a world where traders are looking for T+0 deposits and withdrawals, and market opportunities are without borders, FX Brokers have so much to benefit in embracing a new digital era and this collaboration between Broctagon and Match2Pay will give connected brokers that evident edge to not only accepting crypto but managing it efficiently” explained Ted Quek, Broctagon CTO & Co-Founder.

The full integration of Match-Trader and Match2Pay crypto payment gateway with AXIS CRM is a consistent implementation of the company’s policy aimed at expanding the platform’s ecosystem to facilitate Forex Brokers in incorporating it into their existing system without the need to change configuration or switch between different systems. The Match-Trader platform guarantees high performance, tested on over a hundred thousand accounts on the company’s own server.

Additionally, the carefully thought-out trader-centred design and a wide range of functionalities, including multiple charts allowing for in-depth analysis, copy trading, social feed, events calendar, or top movers, will attract traders with varying levels of expertise, from novices to money managers (signal providers).

An additional advantage is the fully integrated crypto payment gateway, providing a seamless connection with both the platform and CRM. Match2Pay is an advanced and award-winning crypto payment processing technology created by Match-Trade Technologies and is currently operating with the support of an EU-registered entity (Match2Pay UAB).

Match2Pay offers brokers the convenience of crypto payment processing, allowing for the automation of the entire flow. The entire customer-side process, including the automatically generated wallet address and the ability to scan QR codes, has been designed to minimise the risk of process abandonment and maximise deposit rates. The high effectiveness and a series of security measures we have introduced to eliminate the possibility of fund misappropriation, combined with easy accessibility of the tool both from the CRM itself and popular PSPs (such as Praxis Cashier), make brokers eager to use our solution. I believe that our crypto payment processor fits well into the carefully designed and technologically advanced CRM system from Broctagon. I hope that the coherent ecosystem we’ve created with this integration will quickly gain Brokers’ trust and appreciation.” added Przemysław Wojtyna, Head of Business Development at Match2Pay.”

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