Match2Pay - Crypto Payments Transforming the Online Industry

Crypto Payments Transforming the Online Industry

The online business landscape is undergoing a significant revolution as crypto payments emerge, reshaping transaction methods. Initially considered a niche trend, crypto payments are now an essential standard for all online businesses to adopt. Consumer expectations have evolved, rendering traditional payment options like banks or credit cards insufficient.

According to recent research by leading crypto exchange, there is a substantial disparity between consumer demand for crypto payments and the number of merchants accepting them. This discrepancy, amounting to 10 times, indicates a considerable opportunity for online businesses globally and a strong desire for widespread adoption of cryptocurrency payment methods.

Crypto Payments: The New Normal for Online Businesses

Once seen as an alternative to overcome banking challenges, crypto payments have now become the preferred choice for all market participants. Recognizing this growing demand, Match-Trade Technologies, a leading provider of forex technology, developed Match2Pay, their exclusive crypto payment gateway in 2018. The software is now available through a regulated EU-based entity, Match2Pay UAB, ensuring fund security and the option for FIAT settlements. This global crypto payment processor enables automatic collection and exchange of funds in crypto, boasting one of the lowest processing fees in the market.

Crypto payments offer numerous advantages, including enhanced security, fraud protection, global reach, and seamless cross-border transactions. 

  • Security and Transparency: These payments provide robust security measures, safeguarding merchants and customers from fraudulent activities. The transparent nature of transaction records makes it challenging for fraudsters to manipulate or counterfeit transactions. Match2Pay’s externally audited API effectively manages all transactions, guaranteeing data security for both merchants and customers.
  • Speed and Efficiency: In the modern fast-paced era, crypto transactions stand out by empowering businesses to provide their customers with a smooth and seamless payment experience.
  • Lower Fees & Cost Optimization: Crypto payments often come with lower transaction fees. Match2Pay’s crypto payment gateway offers the market’s lowest processing fees, starting at 0.35% on Bitcoin, zero processing fees on payouts, and no minimum monthly fees.
  • Compliance with Legal Regulations: Operating as an EU-based crypto custodian, Match2Pay offers a vital advantage by effectively minimizing potential legal risks for clients and elevating their reputation among customers.

By implementing Match2Pay’s crypto payment gateway, online businesses overcome various issues associated with traditional payment methods, including high transaction fees, slow processing times, lack of privacy, and limited accessibility across borders. The company streamlines clients’ fund flow, ensuring hassle-free deposit options for global investors. The Match2Pay processor seamlessly integrates with any third-party solution through its Rest API. Advanced security measures, such as white-listed IPs and 2FA for withdrawals, are guaranteed. Companies leveraging this solution gain additional advantages from comprehensive reporting tools and robust customer protection against abusive practices. Moreover, they have access to 24/7 technical support through various messengers, while dedicated account managers are readily available to assist merchants with their inquiries.

Online gaming, gambling, and sportsbooks are benefitting the most from crypto

These industries face challenges with international payment systems categorizing financial or investment services outside of the traditional banking system as high-risk. Crypto payment solutions like Match2Pay address these issues and eliminate problems such as payment delays, transfer blockages, and chargebacks. The seamless transfer of funds enhances user experience, fostering greater transparency, trust, and authority among clients. Moreover, it reduces operational and third-party costs, minimizes settlement delays, and mitigates industry-specific regulatory and compliance constraints.

“Blockchain technology experienced rapid growth. Initially recognized for its potential as a quasi-financial asset for online traders, it quickly proved to be even more revolutionary in the payments industry, granting clients worldwide access to services that were previously unavailable to them. The value that crypto payments bring to online businesses cannot be ignored,” summarizes Przemysław Wojtyna, Business Development Manager of Match2Pay.


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