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About FX Back Office

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with FX Back Office (FXBO), your premier solution for revolutionizing forex brokerage operations. Our state-of-the-art CRM software is crafted to meet the unique of forex brokers.

Discover different features of our advanced CRM, including:

  1. Forex CRM: Seamlessly manage clients, streamline operations, and enhance productivity.
  2. Client’s cabinet: Empower clients with personalized portals for seamless interaction and management of their accounts.
  3. IB portal: Provide multi-level IB commission schemes, with options such as PIP per lot, USD/EUR per lot, CPA, and more, extending up to 20 levels.

With FXBO, unlock the power of intelligent automation tailored specifically for the forex industry. From real-time data analytics to customizable reporting and seamless integration capabilities, our platform offers unparalleled efficiency and actionable insights.


Competitive, tailored pricing: Our pricing packages offer exceptional value and can be customized to meet your specific requirements

Multi-Brand CRM Possibilities: Expand your business portfolio with multi-brand CRM capabilities, allowing management of multiple brands or entities within a single platform.

Unified Client and IB Area: Simplify user experience with a single login for both Client and IB areas, enhancing convenience and accessibility for all users.

Seamless Third-Party Integrations: Access a wide range of third-party tools seamlessly integrated into our platform, streamlining back-office procedures for enhanced efficiency.

Full Branding Capabilities: Showcase your brand identity with full branding support, including customization of company logos and corporate colors across the platform.

Advanced Reporting Tools: Gain actionable insights with comprehensive reporting capabilities, including custom reports tailored to your specific requirements.

Personalized Mass Email Feature: Engage with clients on a personalized level using
our mass email feature, facilitating targeted communication and marketing campaigns.

24/5 Customer Support: Receive dedicated customer support during business hours to address any inquiries or assistance required promptly.

24/7 Emergency Support Access: Gain peace of mind with round-the-clock access to emergency support services, ensuring prompt resolution of critical issues at any time.

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