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About Praxis

Praxis Tech is a leading Payment Orchestration Platform. It combines a feature-rich Cashier with a fully customizable checkout experience and advanced transaction optimization with a vast network of 540+ PSPs and 1000+ alternative payment methods across 200 currencies. Designed to cater to the unique needs of the Forex and CFD industry, Praxis supports brokers in enhancing their global approval rates and provides industry-specific features addressing FX rates, currency conversion and more. Offering an advanced Decline Recovery suite, Praxis Tech brings proven results in boosting transaction approval rates throughout all stages of the transaction.


Praxis Cashier, an all-in-one payment solution that offers a holistic user interface and advanced functionality.

Dedicated 24/7 Customer Support team to answer any practical and technical questions that arise.

Support for Merchant Initiated Transactions, enabling one-click, recurring subscription, and automatic balance top-up payments.

Decline Recovery suite, including Insufficient Fund retries, Open Banking solutions, and Abandoned Session Alerts.

Background Dynamic Currency Conversion (BDCC) support that enables customers to pay in their chosen local currency.

Virtual Terminal support, allowing merchants to complete card-not-present payments.

Smart Routing and 3DS Cascading support for merchants to choose their transaction pathways and intelligently handle SCA checks.

Payment ecosystem network comprising of popular high-risk PSPs, popular e-wallets and instant wire solutions.

Payment Links and QR Code features designed to reduce abandoned sessions and convert potential leads to clients.

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