Match2Pay - Match2Pay crypto payment processor now available for Brokers using PLUGIT CRM

Match2Pay crypto payment processor now available for Brokers using PLUGIT CRM

Match2Pay, a crypto payment gateway, named this year’s (2023) Best Crypto Solution for Payments by Ultimate Fintech Awards, was integrated with PLUGIT CRM System to expand deposit options for Forex Brokers.

PLUGIT is a globally recognized provider of innovative and comprehensive financial technology solutions for FX Brokers. The company has been at the forefront of creating intelligent Forex trading technology that has had a measurable impact on Forex brokerage companies around the world since 2012. Furthermore, PLUGIT’s comprehensive financial technology solutions empower Brokers to manage their operations more efficiently while providing their clients with diverse payment alternatives.

The integration of Match2Pay makes this crypto payment gateway available for all users of the PLUGIT CRM solution. This expands the range of effective payment methods available for the clients of Brokers using Plugit’s awarded CRM solution. By integrating Match2Pay with PLUGIT, the two companies aim to provide Brokers operating in the Forex market with a solution to help automate the depositing processes.

Match2Pay is a cutting-edge global crypto payment processor that allows your clients to deposit funds in crypto with one of the lowest processing fees in the market. It’s fast, secure, and cost-effective, with the fees decreasing with growing volumes.

Use the full potential of Match2Pay, a crypto payment gateway developed by Match-Trade Technologies, a leading forex technology provider. The software, developed by Match-Trade Technologies in 2018, is now offered via an EU-based, regulated entity (Match2Pay UAB) to guarantee the safety of funds and the possibility of FIAT settlements. All clients’ funds are held in segregated accounts in financial institutions. Depending on the setup, clients can choose to manage the entire crypto wallet infrastructure on their own.

Match2Pay Crypto Payment Processor supports payments in the most popular currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, and all ERC20 tokens. This provides hassle-free deposit options for investors around the world, helping Brokers streamline their clients’ flow.  

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