Match2Pay - Match2Pay integrated with FX Back Office CRM

Match2Pay integrated with FX Back Office CRM

Match2Pay integrated with FX Back Office CRM, management tool affiliated with the mobile-friendly Match-Trader platform.

Recently, Match-Trade Technologies, our strategic IT partner and FX Back Office CRM, integrated their key systems. As a result, Match-Trader platform and its partner FX Back Office CRM for professional Forex Brokers became unified. The mobile-friendly trading platform aimed to boost brokerage business. Forex CRM solution allows its full management. The integration broadens unique capabilities of solutions, providing complex and functional product for FX Brokers.

Match2Pay available in FX Back Office CRM

Match2Pay Crypto Payment Gateway became available along with the FX Back Office CRM system. It allows brokers to use this management tool to accept all cryptocurrency payments. Thus, Match2Pay completed the ecosystem of professional Forex solutions.

FX Back Office CRM app regularly updates its PSP list. Each update adds new integrations and payment solutions requested, and popularly used by clients. The integrated solution will provide platform users with high-speed payment acceptances. It will also enable making deposits in the most popular currencies (including crypto and ERC20 tokens). At the same time it offers investors trading options via FIAT currencies. 

The Match2Pay Crypto Payment Gateway enables easy integration with cryptocurrency exchangers. Therefore, users of FX Back Office CRM will buy crypto quickly and securely using credit card or bank transfer. Integrating Crypto Payment Gateway solutions means development of high-end technologies for Brokers. Also, it ensures facilitating and automatising the process of accepting deposits from traders and bringing faster, more secure settlements for them. 

High-end technology for FX Brokers

The partnership between these two companies adds to the development of technologies for Brokers in the Forex market. Additionally, it furthers the automation of routine processes of the brokerage business. The FX Back Office CRM solution is already recognised globally. It pays great focus on integrations with popular trading platforms. The above-mentioned FX CRM system is able to cooperate with MetaTrader 4 and 5. Moreover, it can be integrated with other trading platforms upon request. The use of Forex CRM software, in general, allows brokers to manage business more efficiently. As mentioned, the built-in online payment system Match2Pay enables simple transaction flows.

Strategic partnership

The strategic cooperation between companies was confirmed by Match2Pay integration with FX Back Office CRM.

Michał Karczewski, Chief Operating Officer at Match-Trade Technologies, says:
“When we created Match2Pay, we did it with the idea to help our clients grow their business without any software limits that could shadow over the business chances. Our goal was to provide every Broker and their client with easily accessible, automatic settlements concerning crypto payments. We are always content to establish cooperation with well-recognised technological brands such as FX Back Office CRM. After all, we know using our solutions brings business opportunities and increases the number of Match2Pay users.”

“Our goal is to make sure that our CRM for Forex Brokers has everything necessary to operate at the highest level. We want to be supporting brokers to develop their company. Our quality lies in the fact that we do not stop there – we tend to look at business as a whole. We bring clients possibilities to customise, integrate, and utilise all the payment methods available on the market. We understand what a Broker needs to improve their own business, so we decided to integrate Match2Pay into our Forex CRM system, providing our clients with a large selection of high-level cryptocurrency payments. This is an important improvement for FX Back Office CRM users,” adds Dmitriy Petrenko, Co-founder of FX Back Office CRM.

You can check here, how we envision The Future of Payments along with other industry representatives.

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