Match2Pay - Match2Pay multi-crypto payment solution now with FIAT settlements and no min. monthly fee

Match2Pay multi-crypto payment solution now with FIAT settlements and no min. monthly fee

Match-Trade Technologies, a leading technology provider for forex brokers, introduces a refreshed version of its proprietary payment solution – Match2Pay crypto payment gateway.

After several months of hard work, the crypto payment solution popular among forex brokers using various CRMs appears in a new version. The rebranding was not limited only to the new layout and improved user experience of the payment processor app. The technology is now also available with the support of a regulated processing entity, Match2Pay UAB. The company is registered in the European Union (Lithuania) as a virtual currency exchange operator and depository virtual currency wallet operator and has a brand new website 

To promote the rebranded version, Match2Pay is now offered without the minimum monthly fee for all the clients who sign contracts till the end of the year. The solution is available in 2 variants: a crypto wallet managed by the provider’s team and a self-managed solution with the client’s sole control over the wallet.

This crypto payment processor for business allows accepting cryptocurrency payments that can be instantly settled in USD-based stablecoins or FIAT currencies of the client’s choice, including USD, EUR and GBP. With a solution supported by the EU-regulated processing company, businesses can ensure that crypto flow is properly checked and can be later processed via most financial institutions. 

As a universal multi-crypto payment solution, Match2Pay supports over 100 coins but is also integrated with multiple exchangers like MoonPay, Mercuryo, itez, CEXIO to enable customers to buy cryptos using credit cards (or wire transfers). It is a perfect solution to offer secure and fast payment options that suits the needs of many industries, including e-commerce, online trading, gaming, gambling, VPN, hosting, SaaS and many more.

Clients can start accepting crypto payments worldwide within a matter of days, and the processor can be integrated with any 3rd party solution through Rest API. The technology provider guarantees advanced security with white-listed IPs and 2FA for withdrawals. Companies using Match2Pay can also benefit from detailed reporting tools and abusive customer protection.

Match2Pay holds this year’s Electronic Money Award for The Best Innovation in Payments Solutions. Your first chance to meet the team will be at the Finance Magnates London Summit in November.

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