Match2Pay - Match2Pay expands ecosystem with a Fair Trading Tech CRM integration for FX Brokers and Prop Trading Companies

Match2Pay expands ecosystem with a Fair Trading Tech CRM integration for FX Brokers and Prop Trading Companies

Match2Pay, a crypto processor & B2B Wallet developed by Match-Trade Technologies since 2018, has been seamlessly integrated with the Fair Trading Technology (FTT) CRM System, recognized as one of the most reputable modular complete solutions in the industry. This collaboration brings together the expertise and resources of both companies to deliver solutions to Multi-Asset FX / CFD Brokers and Prop Trading companies globally. 

The integration provides Fair Trading Tech CRM users with a wide range of effective crypto payment options, simplifying both deposit and withdrawal processes for Brokers. It is also fully compatible with FTT Prop CRM and ready-to-use by Prop Trading companies (Earlier this year Match2Pay adapted its solution for prop-companies by integrating a WooCommerce plugin). Match2Pay integration incorporates a user-friendly feature, enabling the assignment of individual crypto addresses to each trader for effortless account top-ups. Thanks to its address-recycling-free system, Brokers utilising the FTT CRM can trust that funds will be swiftly directed to the appropriate trading account within moments. 

Commenting on the partnership, Hachem Rifai, Head of Operations in Fair Trading Technology, said: “Our partnership with Match2Pay represents a strategic step for us in enhancing the experience of our brokers in the Forex and Prop Trading industry. We always strive to provide our clients with cutting-edge technologies that will help them expand their business and improve customer service. Integration with Match2Pay allows us to offer our clients new crypto payments options, which is an important step towards diversifying financial instruments and meeting the needs of modern traders.

This integration eliminates the need for brokers to switch between multiple platforms, streamlining their operations. For our clients it is important to accept cryptocurrency payments without unnecessary complexity, directly within the CRM system where they already manage their customer relationships and sales. This not only saves their time and, but also provides them with a competitive advantage of crypto payments, such as reduced fees, transaction speed and global accessibility.”

Jacek Czarniawski, Chief Product Officer at Match2Pay, emphasised the impact of the partnership on business operations: “Drawing on years of experience as a trusted ally to brokers, we continuously refine the crypto processing journey for businesses. Supported by strong partnerships with financial institutions across various jurisdictions, we understand the nuanced needs of brokers, irrespective of their scale, and tailor our solution capabilities accordingly. Traders today demand greater access to the global market, and we are delighted to provide that opportunity through our partnership with Fair Trading Tech, bringing crypto payments to a broader audience. This collaboration not only meets the evolving needs of traders but also reinforces our commitment to expanding market reach and the overall trading experience.”

In addition to expanding opportunities for brokers in the field of cryptocurrency payments, the partnership between Fair Trading Technology and Match2Pay reflects the general trend of integrating traditional financial markets with the world of cryptocurrencies. This underscores the importance of adapting financial instruments to changing traders needs. 

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