Match2Pay - Multiple transactions on one hash for ERC20

Multiple transactions on one hash for ERC20

New update to Match2Pay facilitates automatic booking of multiple transactions made under one hash for ERC20. This improvement results in simplifying management of transactions.

We are pleased to announce an important update to the Match2Pay crypto payment gateway. The addition of support for a single hash containing multiple transactions on the ERC20 (Ethereum) network. This improvement simplifies the process for managing multiple transactions conducted under one hash. Designed to result in more streamlined experience for users within the Match2Pay platform.

Convenience for Ethereum network

For Brokers, this update translates into expanded support for the Ethereum network. This improvement in Match2Pay allow Brokers to automatically consolidate and book multiple transactions made under one hash for ERC20. This functionality aligns with the practices employed by several popular exchanges. As a result it brings convenience and efficiency for Brokers, who frequently and simultaneously deal with multiple transactions. By introducing this widely adopted method, Match2Pay ensures that Brokers can seamlessly navigate the complexities of managing transactions on the Ethereum network.

Transactions on the Ethereum market can be difficult to manage. All users of the network receive and send transactions via ID or address generated by ECDSA, which creates the private and public key pairs. The role of the private key is to send transactions to another address and the public key does the opposite direction. Ethereum users are able to synchronise the nodes with the network to possess information about every transaction. When changing a transaction that the user has already made, it may result in difficulties in calculations. This is where automated booking of deposits comes to the rescue.

One hash, multiple transactions

By facilitating the automatic booking of deposits made under one hash, Match2Pay enhances its support for multiple transactions within the ERC20 network. Brokers stand to benefit significantly from this update, as it aligns Match2Pay with the industry standards adopted by leading exchanges. This enhancement simplifies transaction management. Also, the change underscores Match2Pay’s commitment to providing a platform that evolves in tandem with the changing needs of the cryptocurrency market. This improvement results in a user-friendly and efficient experience for all Match2Pay users.

The continuous goal is to lead in the transformation of the online industry. This approach resulted in the industry recognition and brought us the title of 2023 Best Crypto Solution for Payments by Ultimate Fintech AWARDS during iFX EXPO in Dubai.

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