Match2Pay - “Onchain Fee” tab in Match2Pay dashboard

“Onchain Fee” tab in Match2Pay dashboard

Match2Pay now allows reviewing the current onchain fees applied while processing users’ withdrawals. The new, refreshed Match2Pay dashboard containing “onchain fee” tab provides such feature since September.

The latest improvements to the Match2Pay Crypto Payment Gateway include bringing in a new tab – Onchain Fee. Clients using Match2Pay can now review the current onchain fees applied while processing their users’ withdrawals. This feature can be found in the “onchain fee” tab in Match2Pay dashboard.

Cost optimisation and fees calculation

The goal for adding this feature was to increase merchants’ awareness, allowing them to understand the fees applicable to them as Match2Pay users. As a result, Brokers are able to optimise costs and calculate fees connected to processing client withdrawals with more precision. This feature will help with clarity of business operations and settlements. “Onchain fee” mitigates the risk of mistakes when calculating and processing withdrawals. Thus, it assures more reliable and secure customer service. As a result, Brokers may provide more trustworthy assistance to their clients’ businesses. “Onchain free” tab in Match2Pay dashboard represents another step on the way of improvements. Especially those concerning user experience. Match2Pay always aims to provide valuable solutions to our users.

Goal for Match2Pay is transforming the online industry by providing reliable and secure software for demanding industries. The consequent realisation of this direction is mirrored in the industry recognition, as Match2Pay was pronounced this year’s Best Crypto Solution for Payments by UF Awards.

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