Match2Pay - Polygon Blockchain network for Match2Pay users

Polygon Blockchain network for Match2Pay users

Polygon Blockchain network is now available for Match2Pay users thanks to the latest integration. The integration brings several advantages to Brokers, including cost efficiency and security.

Match2Pay users can now use the Polygon Blockchain for deposits and withdrawals, thanks to a major update in our crypto payment gateway. Thanks to the integration of the Polygon network, we offer a wide range of tokens, including MATIC, USDT, and USDC, which bring more payment options available to our users. This development agrees with our goal to adapt to the dynamic market landscape. See how Crypto Payments are transforming the online industry.

For Brokers, this integration brings several advantages. As a result of using the Polygon blockchain, Brokers can expand their payment methods to meet the evolving demands of their clients in an effective and direct way. Notably, Polygon offers reduced transaction fees compared to some other recognised networks. This cost efficiency allows Brokers to offer more competitive rates to their clients, ensuring both client satisfaction and profitability. As a result, Polygon Blockchain network for Match2Pay users ensures higher efficiency for Brokers.

Match2Pay aims to always give more opportunities for our users. Integration of Polygon Blockchain network for Match2Pay users is the next step on the way to satisfy the needs of our clients on the demanding market. This is the natural path of maintaining and developing position of the best Crypto Payment Solution. We were granted with this title by Ultimate Fintech AWARDS during iFX EXPO in Dubai 2023. Match2Pay was named the best solution in its category.

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