Match2Pay - Enhanced transaction management in Match2Pay

Enhanced transaction management in Match2Pay

Match2Pay is a crypto payment gateway that provides enhanced transaction management features for merchants and brokers. The October improvements have enriched the platform by several useful functionalities, making it more convenient and user-friendly. Transaction management in Match2Pay became even more effortless and convenient. Let’s delve into the key aspects of these enhancements.

Transaction Tracking

Thanks to the latest updates, merchants can now easily monitor their Match2Pay settlement activities in the “Transactions” tab. This feature provides a practical, detailed overview of all transactions, making it simpler to keep track of financial activities. “Transactions” tab was enhanced by adding a checkbox “Show settlement transactions”, allowing to filter only those kinds of activities. This change facilitates clarity in data filtering. Enhanced transaction management in Match2Pay makes it easier to navigate through financial operations.

Moreover, the “Crypto Transactions” section has been renamed as the “Transactions” tab. The reason for that was to pursue further clarity and user-friendliness by maintaining short, specific names for the functionalities. This change in terminology may seem minor, but it reflects Match2Pay’s commitment to providing the highest functionality possible, as named the Best Crypto Solution for Payments of 2023 at Ultimate Fintech Awards.

Optimised column visibility

User Interface of Match2Pay solution has also been modernised. The improvement occured in terms of personalisation of the data view in the “Transactions” tab. Previously the view comprised of all the categories of information by default. Currently it is possible to select only some, preferred columns with categories of information required at the moment. As a result, users have full flexibility to customise their financial control panel by choosing from the options available on the list. They can select any configuration out of the available data categories: Comment, Payment ID, Created time, Trading account and Correct coin sent. Selecting any set of information results in real-time dashboard modification, showing all the data instantly.

CSV File Export

The update brings enhanced transaction management also in terms of report creation. It is now possible to export all the details as a CSV file. As a result, users can extract transaction data in a structured format, which then can be easily imported into a spreadsheet or used for further analysis. Thanks to this feature, generating reports is even more effortless than before. Also, it provides more freedom in data analysis by bringing flexibility to processing information. Match2Pay users are now able to save details of selected transactions in a light, easily transferrable and transformable format in order to process them further. This functionality is connected to the optimised column visibility, as the current view selected may be directly transferred onto the generated CSV file. This feature facilitates especially managing and reporting multiple small transactions, which are the reality of iGaming or gambling industry.

Settlement Transaction Details

The new release brought easier access to information about financial activities on the account. In order to access specific details of any settlement transaction, users can simply click on the “Show Settlement Transactions” button. This action provides breakdown of the transactions. As a result, it is now easier to get insight concerning the specifics of each activity. This improvement facilitates data analysis and report creation.

Key advantages for the users

The upgraded Match2Pay crypto payment gateway extends a multitude of advantages to brokers, elevating their experience and financial capabilities.

Usees can now quickly check if any changes in their Match2Pay balance occured. This allows them to remain up to date with their financial condition in real time. As a result, transaction management becomes instant.The added CSV export feature simplifies the process of generating comprehensive balance operation reports. All merchants can create detailed reports that provide a complete and clear snapshot of their balance activities. With easy access to detailed transaction data, they can perform sharper analyses and make more accurate financial forecasts. With the ability to adjust column visibility, users enjoy a more personalised and clear working environment. The flexibility of this feature allows for the elimination of unnecessary information, streamlining decision-making and enhancing the overall quality of interaction with the platform.

Match2Pay is a crypto payment gateway service that has recently been enhanced to provide improved transaction management capabilities. These improvements can lead to more informed financial decisions and better management of cryptocurrency assets.

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