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Top 6 Jurisdictions for Forex Brokers Accepting Cryptocurrencies Payments

In an era where crypto assets are both a novelty and a necessity, Forex Brokers face a complex regulatory landscape that varies drastically across the globe. From outright prohibitions to full legal acceptance, cryptocurrencies challenge traditional financial norms, urging Forex enterprises to strategically choose their […]

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Solana Blockchain Added to Match2Pay’s Payment Options

We’re excited to announce that Match2Pay has expanded the list of supported cryptocurrencies and networks to include the Solana blockchain, a move aimed at enhancing our services and meeting the evolving needs of our clients. From now on, all our users have the ability to […]

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Match2Pay Expands Crypto Payment Gateway with Litecoin Integration

In a move to enhance our cryptocurrency payment solution, Match2Pay has expanded its cryptocurrency portfolio with the integration of Litecoin. This addition, set to launch in February, promises to deliver unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in the crypto payment experience for our clients. Litecoin, a peer-to-peer […]

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Match2Pay Enables Ripple (XRP) Payments for Broader Reach

Within the rapidly changing cryptocurrency landscape, staying ahead of trends is paramount for Forex businesses striving to deliver a smooth payment experience. As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing payment solutions within the ever-changing financial landscape, we’re pleased to announce that XRP withdrawals and […]

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Match2Pay’s Latest Upgrade with the Status Page Feature

From now on, all users of Match2Pay Crypto Payment Gateway can enjoy an enhanced experience with our latest upgrade, featuring the introduction of the Status Page feature.  This innovative addition provides users with real-time updates on the operational status of Match2Pay platform.Tailored to keep our […]

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