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Enhanced transaction management in Match2Pay

Match2Pay is a crypto payment gateway that provides enhanced transaction management features for merchants and brokers. The October improvements have enriched the platform by several useful functionalities, making it more convenient and user-friendly. Transaction management in Match2Pay became even more effortless and convenient. Let’s delve […]

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“Onchain Fee” tab in Match2Pay dashboard

Match2Pay now allows reviewing the current onchain fees applied while processing users’ withdrawals. The new, refreshed Match2Pay dashboard containing “onchain fee” tab provides such feature since September. The latest improvements to the Match2Pay Crypto Payment Gateway include bringing in a new tab – Onchain Fee. […]

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Polygon Blockchain network for Match2Pay users

Polygon Blockchain network is now available for Match2Pay users thanks to the latest integration. The integration brings several advantages to Brokers, including cost efficiency and security. Match2Pay users can now use the Polygon Blockchain for deposits and withdrawals, thanks to a major update in our […]

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Blockchain Scanner Links added to Match2Pay

Since August Match2Pay users of Match2Pay can take advantage of Blockchain Scanner Links. This will allow Brokers to gain overview of individual wallets with history of transactions. A notable enhancement in the latest version of Match2Pay appeared this month. It includes the integration of direct […]

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Forex Payments: The Crypto Game-Changer for LATAM and Africa Brokers

The Forex industry in LATAM and Africa has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, attracting traders from diverse backgrounds. However, payment and deposit methods pose significant challenges for Forex brokers in these regions. Traditional banking systems struggle to meet the demands of a global market, […]

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Trading account ID in Match2Pay

Match2Pay simplified processing of operations. The new solution allows to create reports, resolve issues and manage data more efficiently. Now there is trading account ID in Match2Pay dashboard. In an effort to refine our data management processes within the Match2Pay Crypto Payment Gateway, we have […]

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Match2Pay with a brand new user interface

Match2Pay’s Crypto Payment Gateway received an important transformation, and we are thrilled to share its new and improved version. We invite you to get to know Match2Pay with a brand new user interface. After months of dedicated effort, we are excited to introduce an intuitive […]

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